Why Choosing a Wig Could Help You Save Time and Money

Advice, Mom Life / Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

It’s amazing to think about how much time we spend styling and primping our hair. Curling, straightening, up dos and down dos: they all take considerable investments of time and money. This is particularly true if you have hair that is thinning, limp or brittle; if you’re self-conscious about the condition of your hair then it’s likely you’ll spend even more time styling it to disguise this. This process can be both frustrating and exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Choosing to wear a wig could relieve you of this frustration, and save you both time and money. A recent survey has revealed that the average woman spends an incredible £756 on styling and maintaining her hair each year, which adds up to £48,384 through her lifetime! It sounds like a lot of cash (and it is) but when you think about those monthly visits to the hairdressers and the styling products you buy, it quickly adds up. By contrast, buying a wig from the Joseph’s Wigs Collection could help you to both minimize the amount you spend on haircare products to make your hair look its best, and save you considerable amounts of time too.

The Empowerment of Wearing a Wig

Imagine waking up in the morning and having perfect hair in less than five minutes. Imagine that happening every morning. That’s what life is like when you choose to wear a wig, particularly if you choose a synthetic wig that will hold its shape and require minimal maintenance. In just a minute or two you can gently brush out your wig, take it from your wig stand and pop it on your head, secure it in place, and leave the house. It really is that simple.

Many women find that once they’ve experienced the convenience of wearing a wig for whatever reason, they never want to go back to styling their natural hair again. It used to be presumed that women who wore wigs did so for health reasons, such as alopecia or as a result of cancer treatment. But in recent years, more and more women with their own healthy hair are choosing to wear a wig because they find it so empowering and convenient. Look to high profile celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Kiera Knightly, who are all very open about the fact that they use wigs to change their style without causing permanent damage to their hair.

More and more women with their own healthy hair are choosing to wear a wig because they find it so empowering and convenient.

Ideal in Extremes

Does your natural hair react badly during extremes of weather or temperature? Many of us find that our hair becomes limp and flat when it rains, frizzy and uncontrollable when the temperature rises and becomes humid, or dry and brittle in cold winds. When you wear a wig, you will no longer have to worry about the impact of these extreme environmental circumstances on your hair.

The right wig will keep its shape and hold its style no matter what you do to it. If your wig becomes wet then that’s not a problem either: simply leave your wig on and wait for it to dry, and then brush it out (brushing out your wig when it’s wet could cause it to tangle or lead the fibres to shed). This ease of use in extreme temperatures also makes wig wearing a wonderful solution when you’re on holiday: if your hair is full of sand and sea salt from a day on the beach and you don’t have the time or energy to style and restyle it then why not simply place a wig on top and then you’ll be ready to go! Think of your wig as another holiday accessory: one that you can choose to wear or leave behind depending on your mood.

Save Money on Expensive Styling

Think that you would spend just as much money on styling products for your wig as you do for your hair? The reality is that whilst your own hair can tolerate plenty of products and heat treatment without becoming too damaged, your wig will look at its best without any products or treatment at all. Simply shake it out (or comb it through with a soft bristled brush), pop it on your head and you’re ready to go. No styling products, no expensive upkeep. Just beautiful looking hair all the time, every time. Why wouldn’t you choose to invest in a wig?

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