What to pack for a trip to Switzerland with kids?

Family Life / Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

Switzerland with kids? Wow, that is truly a dream holiday! You are sure to create lifetime memories as you holiday in this beautiful country with your family. It may be a small country but of a striking nature and a great destination for a family vacation. Those picturesque views and fresh mountain air can do wonders to children all ages. You vacation is truly going to be a great success.

Go ahead and start planning and book on of those awesome cabins in Switzerland and explore the Swiss attractions. These cabins are located at prime sites and just minutes away from the public transportation hub. These apartments are well equipped with and come with great views.

When traveling with children, you need to ensure that they remind comfortable and enjoy the vacation. Traveling in Switzerland means that you would need to pack for different terrains and temperatures. As you explore the alpine treks and slopes, ensure that you not only are comfortable and well prepared but look fashionable on a trip to Switzerland.

Swiss Cabin

When you’re travelling with kids or holidaying with children, always expect your plans to go awry. So, if you plan ahead and pack well with a well-stocked best-laid plans to go awry. When junior is jet-lagged and their routine out of whack, their chances of falling ill escalate. So, being prepared ― with a well-stocked first-aid kit ― can make the difference between a quick recovery and a medical emergency!

Pack your stuff in a rolling suitcase

Holidaying in Switzerland means you would be using lots of public transportation like buses, trains and ferries. For such a trip, a rolling suitcase is simply perfect. Ensure that the suitcase itself is lightweight and can be used for a day hiking trip.

The Personal Items

As you would be walking a, lot pack running sneakers as you jog on those gorgeous jogging treks and well-maintained trails in Switzerland. Allbirds sneakers are very comfortable as these are lightweight, washable and can be worn without socks. Do not forget to pack Flip flops for wearing around the hotel room, on the beaches or when visiting saunas.

A water-resistant jacket with a hoodie is perfect for the trip. Switzerland can be cold even during the summers. Make sure that the jackets are comfortable and light weight for the children.
As Switzerland’s weather is quick-changing, go for layering. Thus pal both shirt and sweaters with a good mix. Pack shirts and workout tanks that can be layered easily.

Wear fashionable dresses when you walk around the cities and explore them or are out for special dinners. You should be aware that the Swiss tend to dress up a little bit! As you are likely to swim in most rivers and lakes in Switzerland during summer, do not forget to pack a couple of swimsuits. It is must to pack comfortable pants and jeans and at least 2-3 pairs is a must. It can get chilly up in the mountains or cold on the trains.

Toiletries to Pack

As you would be spending quite some time outdoors, and at higher altitudes, you would need loads of sunscreen for the whole family. Thus, pack special Sunscreen formulas for the children. Other must to carry are hair conditioner, body lotion, body wash and creams. You would of course be supplied with the usual lotion, shampoo, conditioner bottles in your hotel room.

The essential medications

Always be prepared and carry medication for upset stomachs, rashes, itches and any allergic reactions. Also pack in antiseptic cream, bandages and plasters, thermometer, Vaseline and a hot water bottle. Ibuprofen is highly recommended as one tends to get headaches at high altitude or before hiking. As food in Switzerland tends to be both delicious and rich, expect the sensitive stomachs of the kids to retaliate. So, pack some medication to help with indigestion.

Accessories and gadgets to pack

Once you are done with packing all those essentials such as clothing, medication and toiletries, it is time to pay attention to the accessories. As Switzerland weather can be unpredictable, pack a good travel umbrella. Protect your face and eyes from the strong sun with sunglasses, especially at higher altitudes. Water is usually safe to drink from public taps in Switzerland and it is a good idea to pack water bottle for refilling whenever possible. Carry a normal lightweight purse that can fit in all your daytime essentials, gadgets and the camera. It is a good idea to carry a waterproof pouch that can keep your valuables safe and dry. Do pack in a USB cable and Kindle.

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