What kind of windows are right for a small house?

Home Life / Monday, September 21st, 2020

Clearly not everybody is rich and some of us live in small apartments and houses. Living in a small house isn’t bad at all but there are a few things that can make your small house even better. One of the important things is having the right windows in your house. The right kind of windows allows proper light, ventilation, and protection from all kinds of weather. Here we are going to discuss what kind of windows are right for a small house. Let’s have a brief look:

  1. Awning windows: Not sure how to say this, but this window type is pretty common in small apartments ad houses all over the world. The style features a square hole in the wall where a square frame is fitted, and the frame has a glass window attached to it. This can be opened as much as you want. The advantage of having these kinds of windows is that it allows light and air inside. They don’t let the rain pass through if they are properly closed. They are one of the least expensive windows as well. The only disadvantage of these windows is that it is usually placed high on the wall and reaching there is a bit of a problem if you live in a loft kind of house.
  2. Sliding windows: Sliding windows are very popular in modern homes these days. They are used in small and big houses and are comfortable to use. As the name states, it has sashes that slide past each other. They allow fresh air, light, and ventilation. They look good and give a trendy look to your home. The only drawback is that they are very easy to open from the outside and can be a safety risk in some neighborhoods.
  3. Double-hung windows: These windows feature two separate window sections. These sections can go up and down and can be opened in an up or downward direction. They are ideal for bathroom and room walls. These windows are great for normal ventilation at the home, but they are kind of expensive design for small houses.
  4. Casement windows: There was a time when every house had casement windows. Most of them are wooden made and the glass pane is used in them. These windows are hinged on one side right or left probably. They are a less expensive and durable option for small houses. They are a safe option as well with the safety catchers. These windows don’t bring breeze in when the wind isn’t in the right direction, therefore, they aren’t ideal for all houses but some for sure.

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