What Can I Do With My Newly Finished Basement?

Home Life / Thursday, December 17th, 2020

The decision to clean out the basement and have professionals finish it was a smart move. Along with improving the home’s value, you’ve also set the stage for making the basement into true living space. What can you do with a finished basement in Aurora? As it turns out, you can do quite a bit. Here are some ideas to consider.

Set Up A Place to Work on Your Craft Projects

As much as you love your home, there has never been any space where you could organize the craft supplies and work on projects at your leisure. The result is that you have to haul everything out of a closet, set it up, then put it all back once you need to tidy the house. With the basement as your own private craft space, all that changes.

Now you can have shelves and cabinets to keep all the supplies organized and within easy reach. Work tables allow you to spread out works in progress and leave them there when it’s time to focus on something else. No one has to step around your projects since they are in the basement and out of the way. In fact, no one has to look at them at all once you close the basement door.

Convert the Basement into a Home Office/Library

The need for a home office has never been greater. With more people working from home, it makes sense to have dedicated space rather than curling up in a corner of the living room or sitting at the dining room table. A basement makes a great home office because it’s removed from the usual centers of activity in the house. The peace and quiet make it much easier to concentrate on whatever task needs your attention now.

Outfit the office any way you like. Make it completely work space, or let it serve more than one use. For example, it can double as a home library that houses your favorite hard copy books and other reading material. Along with the work area, set up shelves, some comfortable seating, and lighting that makes reading easy. The basement may become your sanctuary when you need some peace as well as a place to get your work done.

Rent It Out as a Studio Apartment

Since the basement does have an outside entrance, consider converting it into a studio apartment. That will be easy if the renovation included the installation of a full bathroom and possibly a basic kitchen tucked into one corner. With the right tenant, you can have a steady flow of income with minimal expense on your part.

Make It Into a Spare Bedroom

The basement can also become the ideal spare bedroom for weekend company. Your guests have a private place to enjoy during the stay while everyone in the family gets to sleep in their own beds. If you had a bathroom installed in the basement, your guests also have the ability to take showers without having to wait in line upstairs.

There’s quite a bit that can be done with a finished basement. Talk with the team at Penguin basements and get a few more ideas. You may find that one of their suggestions is a perfect fit for you.

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