The Most Unique and Best Places in the United States to Take a Family Vacation

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I don’t know if you are tired of taking the same boring and ordinary family vacation spot in the US every single year but I am. I have found a list of best family vacation spots in the US that you can pack up the family that is not only unique but also fun and some are very educational. So get out of the ordinary and get into the unique, fun, and educational. Here are just a few unique places to have a very fun and educational family vacation.

A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village, Salem, Oregon

A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village is located in Salem, Oregon. It’s considered the World’s largest Erector set. At the A.C. Discovery Village you will get to see giant animal cells and dig up prehistoric mammoth bones. It’s half children museum and half playground. The Discovery Village is a child sized grocery store where there is a room where kids can make bubbles and another room where they can freeze and manipulate their own shadows. The admission won’t break your wallet with $6 for individuals 3-59 years of age and $3 for toddlers 1-2 years of age. (Couch, 2011)

 Gardens, Arcola, Illinois

Rockome Gardens is located in Arcola, Illinois, three hours south of Chicago in the heart of Amish Country. At the Rockome Gardens you can get the chance to explore live beehives and children can learn how to make homemade cheese. You can also get to see a Ben Franklin impersonator and see a live WWII re-enactment with real tanks. Another fun thing for the kids is that they can get a chance to ride a horse powered saw mill. This place is great for the whole family and admission is relatively inexpensive, $10 for adults, $6 for kids, and $8 for seniors. (Couch, 2011)

Wizard Quest, Wisconsin Dells

Wizard Quest is located in the Wisconsin Dells and is in 13,000 square foot climbable labyrinth which is called, Quadrasphere. Inside has a 4-D computer game that has riddles spoken from the lips of dragons. If you give the correct answer to the riddle you get to release imprisoned wizards. At Wizard Quest have secret passages to go through, interactive animatronic sorcerers, and a mysterious “Gnome Depot”. The admission isn’t too expensive for all the things you get to experience, it’s $13 for adults and $11 for kids. (Couch, 2011)

RoboWorld, Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

RoboWorld is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the Carnegie Science Center. At RoboWorld you experience the robot revolution and is considered the largest permanent robot themed and socially interactive exhibit in the world. You will get to see a “Robo-thespian”, hockeybots, artificial intelligence bots, lunar rovers, computerized foosball tables, and mechanical men that create art. The tickets for RoboWorld are a little expensive so you might want to save you money for this family vacation. It’s $17.95 for adults and $9.95 for kids. (Couch, 2011)

City Museum, St. Louis, Missouri

The City Museum is located in St. Louis Missouri. The City Museum is a novelty museum where you can see the world’s oldest corn dog and is considered the dream playground. They have an outdoor playground that has mesh wire tubes that suspended twenty five feet in the air to go through and they also have a bar for the stressed out parents. The admission for the City Museum is $12 and $10 after 5 p.m. (Couch, 2011)

Insectropolis, Toms River, New Jersey

The Insectropolis is located in Toms River, New Jersey. For all the kids that love bugs of all kinds this is the place to be. Kids can learn about which bugs that can kill you and these bugs are put into very interesting categories such as “Sixed Armed Bandits” and “Mass Murderers” and several more categories for kids to explore. Insectropolis also has a bug petting zoo for kids and adults to pet and become more interactive with all kinds of bugs. The admission at Insectropolis is relatively inexpensive at $7 per person. (Couch, 2011)

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, St. Paul, Minnesota

The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The museum pays homage to medical forms of fraud, quackery, deception, and deceit. Some of the devices that you can explore are the Foot Powered Breast Enlarger and the McGregor Rejuvenator, which is a contraption that uses magnetism, UV and infrared rays to reverse the aging process. You can see these devices and so much more crazy contraptions here. The admission at the museum is $11 for adults and $8.50 for kids. (Couch, 2011)

Metropolis, Illinois

Enter the Metropolis in Illinois where there is everything Superman. At the Metropolis there is a fifteen foot Superman statue in front of the amazing Superman museum. At the Superman museum you can learn everything about the Man of Steel. There you will get to see all the different costume designs of Superman, vintage comic books, vintage Superman lunchboxes, and various celebrities stop by the museum. General admission at the museum is $5 for everyone and if your child is 5 years of age and under they get in for free! Enjoy everything that is the Man of Steel. (Couch, 2011)

These are just a few places in the United States when you want to pack up the family and take a very unique vacation that nobody will ever forget. There are several family vacation spots in the United States and if you want to explore more places for unique vacations you can find them on the internet.

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