Treating Addiction to Prescription Stimulants to be a More Present Parent

Advice / Friday, November 30th, 2018

As parents, responsibilities to mental, spiritual, physical and family health should not take a backseat to anything. This is the perfect goal for higher living. Many parents may achieve this goal. Some may not. Face it. It’s a really tough parenting job to keep those ducks in a row.

If you are a parent struggling with addiction to prescription stimulants, desiring a cleaner, better life for you and your family, applaud yourself for recognizing that. Being mentally present as a parent requires great strength, self-love, attention-to-detail, organization and patience. When addiction to prescription stimulants is present in the parent, the parent is not mindfully present, at the very least, to appropriately care for responsibilities. Children of addicted parents are put into a maelstrom of confusion, uncertainty, fear, anger, self-blame and often harm. Sadly, the addicted parent may be the last to notice. How scary is that?

Drug addiction speaks loudly to everyone in its path. It distracts, screams and wreaks havoc on the addicted person’s common sense, patience and empathy levels. This then has the potential to teach children what their understanding of normal is, tempting fate for their future paths to seek, find and emulate.

Addiction Speaks A Different Language

Becoming reliant on any prescription medication is like your body and those around you having to learn a foreign language, while trying to maintain the language it already needs to survive. It is as if one controlled life-style wants to control the other. This battle upsets the balance of the whole body and mind. It distracts the body and mind from its true sustenance and compromises everything.

Enrolling in taking a language like Spanish is a great idea. Once the language of addiction takes control, it has you sternly enrolled. Then, it becomes a dangerous subject that always earns an “F” on the parenting report card of good health and stability.

Enrolling In The Addiction Treatment School Of Hard Knocks 

If anyone deserves to graduate away from the hold of addiction to prescription stimulants with Cum Laud honors, it is any parent or anyone who experiences this addiction. Getting involved in an educational and interactive treatment plan can give parents the tools they need to earn a solid good grade for themselves and their families.

Treatment plans are indeed the highest and most effective plan of recovering from prescription stimulant addiction. Trying to master this freedom without professional assistance is a potentially failing effort with larger setbacks looming than already exist.

Nobody is saying that treating addiction is easy, however. But the good news is, the addiction itself is the hardest class to take. It is the school of hard knocks as it takes away everything you ever loved. Treatment for addiction to prescription stimulants is the way out, the open door, the answer to higher living.

Parents Need Help, Too

Why does addiction even happen? To name a few reasons, there could be a genetic predisposition component involved. Stress is another factor that can push people to do things they might not normally do to relieve overwhelming feelings, fears, illness, depression and other stresses that challenge a human mind and body. We all have something that causes us to want to retreat from our daily life.

There are many options for addicted parents to choose from when it comes to specific treatment processes. Out-patient and in-patient intensive counselling offering parent-related therapies are available. In-patient detoxification facilities offer addicted parents a break from the addiction rat races at home and work. Group therapies, medical therapies, natural therapies all have their place in the world of addiction recoveries. They teach and provide tools necessary to stare addiction and its triggers straight in the eye to defeat it.

Accentuating the need for proper healing designed for parents with addiction is important for finding the best-suited treatment program that families can benefit from. Children will need to know their parents are there for them, even during treatment. Children also need to be equipped with secure visiting opportunities when visiting parents in in-patient facilities.

For addicted parents, right now is the time to get help. Ask for it. Look for it. Don’t wait another day to be present for your kids. They need you.

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