Travel to South America: Colombia

Advice, Travel / Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Colombia has had it’s more than it’s fair share of negative press over the past twenty years with people only seeing the country in a a negative light.

The country is much more than cocaine and violence in which I have travelled to the place on no less than 5 occasions, each time learning more about the fantastic culture and each time falling in love with the place a little more.

As most people have a negative image, when you first arrive in the country you are expecting a warren type environment especially the capital Bogota, this couldn’t be further from the truth in which the city is just like any other in the world, good places and bad places.


Sure during the night I would advice women not to walk around on the streets, especially downtown where theft is common occurrence.

The north side of Bogota is a great place and completely different to what anyone imagines. With this I would probably advise women to enjoy the nightlife in this sector as opposed to anywhere else in the city.

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