Time to Consider Alternatives to Real Teeth? Why Implants Are a Good Choice

Advice / Thursday, December 17th, 2020

You’ve known for some time that you natural teeth are failing. That’s why it was no surprise when your dentist told you that the remaining ones needed to come out. The next question is what sort of replacements will you choose? Should you go with dentures or would dental implants be a better choice? Here are some of the points that the team at the Vaughan dental office will point out once it’s confirmed that you are a candidate for one or more forms of implants.

Implants Help Preserve the Shape of Your Face

Individual dental implants basically occupy the sockets there your teeth once resided. Why does this matter? Unless something goes back into those empty sockets, you can expect the shape of the jaw to shift a bit. The result is that the bottom part of the face begins to take on a shrunk-in appearance.

If you go with the individual implants, the shifting and shrinkage doesn’t take place. Instead, the contours of the face remain much as they were when you had a mouthful of real teeth. In terms of being happy with the way you look, this is an option that’s hard to beat.

They Also Don’t Slip Out of Place at the Worst Possible Time

Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t require an adhesive to remain place. As long as your bone structure is solid, the implants will remain exactly where they are supposed to be. That makes all the difference when you’re with other people and attempting to carry on a conversation. There’s no chance of a denture plate slipping as you’re in the middle of saying something. In like manner, you won’t find a plate slipping while you’re attempting to chew food during a meal.

Implants function like the real thing. You can chew, talk, sing, and do it all without any worries of slippage. Think of how that makes a positive difference for your confidence, especially when you’re spending time around other people.

Implants Last Much Longer

While there are exceptions, dentures usually last a decade or a little less. At times, the need for a replacement is not the condition of the denture plates, but the fact that they no longer fit properly. Over time, replacing old dentures with new ones can add up to quite an expense.

Implants will cost more up front, but you could end up keeping the same ones for the rest of your life. Even if you end up needing to replace a cap or two, that’s still much simpler and less expensive than buying a new set of dentures. See implants as a way to make a longer-term investment in your smile.

And They’re Easy to Maintain

The idea of learning a whole new way to care for dentures doesn’t hold much appeal. The soaking, the scrubbing, and the use of adhesives turns you off. There has to be a better way.

Implants are treated much like real teeth. You’ll keep brushing after meals. There’s even dental floss made for use with implants. In terms of simplicity, implants are the easy choice.

Do you like the idea of dental implants rather than dentures. See your dentist and find out if you’re a candidate. If so, read more about dental implants and what to expect. If you like what you read, make plans with your dentist. While it may take a little time, the results will be worth it.

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