The Elegance of Cellini Collection by Rolex

Advice / Monday, July 15th, 2019

Cellini is one of Rolex’s less popular collections, a watch family produced from precious metals with an extremely elegant design. These simple and refined models are available in both men and women sizes and come in various shapes and color combinations. The beautiful part about these timepieces is that they blur the line between craft and art.

The first Rolex Cellini was produced in 1975 and according to the brand this design was created to commemorate the work of the famous sculptor and goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini. The watch was intended as a model suitable for people who adore art in every aspect of their life. Another important thing about the Cellini is that it was the first timepiece in history that received a chronometric certification.

Benvenuto Cellini was a famous Italian artist that in terms of jewelry and decorative design was as appreciated as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were in their artwork. Just as its masterpieces, the Cellini collection has a distinctive touch in Renaissance defined by spectacular forms and fluid lines. Simplicity and classic aesthetics are the quintessential features of these classy watches that prefer to avoid intricate functions. Instead they focus on the essence of fine art watchmaking.

Over the years, Cellini has brought a splendid tribute to classic elegance through a few very beautiful and unique models, such as Cellinium, Quartz, Cellissima, Classic, Danaos, Cestello,

Over the years, Cellini has brought a splendid tribute to classic elegance through a few very beautiful and unique models, such as Cellinium, Quartz, Cellissima, Classic, Danaos, Cestello, Orchid and Prince. The collection has always included both men and women models. While the men’s versions were equipped with a perpetual mechanical self-winding movement, the women’s watches were powered by a Quartz movement. The design has also been influenced by the inside mechanism. The ladies models are dressier and more luxurious than the masculine ones that emphasize a traditional look.

The current Cellini family includes 3 basic variations that have been presented by Rolex with great pride. These contemporary Rolex watches are known as Cellini Time, Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time. Each one has its own identity, a unique presence that highlights the importance of style, simplicity and distinction.

Cellini Time is the essence of a timeless classic. It is the wristwatch that captures the best of Rolex. Its clean, classic dial is stunningly complemented by two faceted sword shaped hands that serve for showing seconds, minutes and hours. It is a basic watch that has basic time telling functions. It just tells time. No complications are found here as its belief is that beauty lays in simplicity.

Cellini Date introduces a useful complication. On its sleek and classy dial there is a round small dial that displays the date. This feature is located at 3 o’clock. The artfully designed face of the Cellini is upgraded with this modern function that embodies a lyric horological approach.

The Cellini Dual Time is as complex as a Cellini watch can be. With an elegant aperture located at the 6 o’clock position the watch indicates the time in a different time zone. Another great feature of this small dial is that it includes a detail that allows the wearer to differentiate night from day. A sun or moon symbol appears at the 9 o’clock position to mark the time of the day.

Maybe the Rolex Cellini isn’t one of the most popular Rolex collections, but once you get familiarized with its subtle elegance and nobility it is difficult to ignore its beauty. It is the type of classic timepiece that is more spectacular than a work of art and somehow it manages to add a touch of distinction to your personal style.

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