Regular Meditation Helps Increase Concentration

Mom Life / Monday, July 31st, 2017

Did you know that human attention span has decreased to less than that of a goldfish? Well, it doesn’t feel nice to know that even a goldfish can hold a thought longer than a human being! An article in The Telegraph blamed smartphones for this. The article stated that from 12 seconds in 2000, the attention span of humans had declined to just 8 seconds, while a goldfish is ahead of us at 9 seconds. And in the long term, a digital lifestyle, aided by technological advances, is expected to further decrease our attention span. Which is why our generation is facing a hard time focusing on work and/or studies.

The good news is that people who regularly practice meditation can improve their mental focus and concentration. Many studies have revealed that practicing meditation over a period of time can alter brain functioning, which can then improve concentration. Other than meditation, nootropic supplements, which are not only formulated to help brain heath but to also enhance focus, memory and energy, are proving useful. Smart Pill Guide, in an Optimind review, stated that such nootropics boost dopamine levels in the brain, responsible of mental drive and motivation, which is why they are effective in increasing attention span and heightening concentration.

Here’s a look at the various ways meditation changes our brain to improve mental focus.

How Meditation Improves Mental Focus

  • Improves Memory: Regular meditation brings significant changes in certain parts of the brain that are linked to memory, perspective and self-awareness. This helps you retain information you are exposed to for longer.
  • Helps Reduce Stress: Have you ever noticed the feeling that you instantly experience after a meditation session? It is the feeling of utter relaxation, where your mind is free of stressful worldly thoughts. Regular practice can significantly reduce anxiety, depression and physical pain, which are the major reasons why we are unable to concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Blocks Out the World: When you meditate, you create your own world, working towards being totally unaware of what is going on around you. In fact, after practicing meditation for months, you get into the habit of creating your own world even in a room full of people, which is crucial when you are trying to focus on something important.
  • Decenters Thoughts: The human mind is designed such that it is easy for us to get stuck in a turmoil of memories and sad feelings associated with it, where in many situations, these thoughts stop us from connecting to the real world and lead to depression. Meditation decenters our thoughts and lets us gain perspective, while reducing the rate of relapse.
  • Improves Energy Levels: Mental fatigue is often the result of a reduction of dopamine and serotonin, two chemicals found in the brain and associated with mood. Studies have shown that excessive mental fatigue can lead to physical fatigue in the long run. Meditation improves dopamine and serotonin levels over time, which then decreases negative thoughts and feelings like stress and fatigue. As a result the person starts experiencing improvement in their physical health too. When a person is physically fit, they are more likely to have better focus and concentration.

While meditation has proven benefits, it does take time to master and show results. On the other hand, the best energy supplements and nootropics, according to Optimind reviews, can help you achieve these results much faster. However, make sure to read about the ingredients, dosage and side effects before trying such energy pills from the website Smart Pill Guide.


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