Packed Lunches for Children – Avoid These Mistakes

Advice / Saturday, June 10th, 2017

It is no surprise for me when I read that children’s lunches made from home are likely to be higher in calories, fat and sugar than those provided by schools. With this I decided to write a couple of ways in which you should pack your child’s lunch for school and how to avoid any common mistakes.

1. Overloading with food.

It is easy to think that you should pack more food than less right, well this is not the case if you are loading your children with unnecessary food. The standard mistake is to put so much food in the lunch box that your child has enough food for 2 days instead of just the 1 meal. The best way to determine how much they eat is to test the lunch menu on the weekend and determine the right amount of food.

2. Putting in Food Directed for children.

We have all seen the food in the supermarket that is marketed just for children, well this can be decieving and is often higher in sugars, salts etc than standard food. Always look at the nutrition facts panel and ingredient list, if you wouldn’t eat it then I wouldn’t give it your children.

Pink box packing

3. No Protein

It is important that your child receives a balanced diet and one common mistake is to only put a little bit of protein and the rest being carbs. A good way to counter this is to put in  granola bars which contain a good amount of protein.

4. Know Your Children

Whilst we would all like our children to eat super healthy if they don’t eat anything then this is worst . If your child likes juice instead of milk then you should pack milk. Do they prefer peanut butter sandwiches over ham and cheese, well you should pack that. It is important to note that food is more than fuel, if the child likes it they will be sure to have a good lunch experience.

5. Not including Veggies

The first thing we probably pack is the little bag of fruit however vegetables are just as important and are great for the child’s body.

6. Planning The Meals

As adults we are sometimes happy to have pasta for lunch and then for dinner, however Children can not be as accommodating. Ensure you plan the meals for the week and you can avoid doubling up on the same meals.

Remember, it is important for your child to have the right foods so they grow healthy and strong. With this you can introduce them to sports 🙂

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