Let’s Give a Warm Welcome to Heartwood Creek This Christmas.

Family Life, Home Life / Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

We love decorating our homes for the festive season, this often includes erecting a Christmas tree (real or artificial depending on your preference), hanging garlands, and messing about with fairly lights (why is there always one bulb that refuses to work as soon as you have twisted the entire string around the tree, bannister, doorway etc)? Alongside the traditional decorations you could also add a few beautiful figurines from the Jim Shore range known as Heartwood Creek this Christmas. These figurines are hand-painted and come in a wide range of festive designs, including the following:

The Nativity Star

Forget the shiny wrapping paper, gaudy crackers and endless boxes of chocolates, there’s more to Christmas than eating, drinking and presents (although we must admit to enjoying that part of the festivities). Let’s celebrate the real reason for the season – the holy nativity star. Also known as the Star of Bethlehem, or the Christmas Star, it appears in the Gospel of Matthew. The story goes that the three wise men followed the star in order to get to Jerusalem. On the way they unfortunately happen upon King Herod of Judea and fill him in on the news that a new king has just been born.

The Legend of The Pinecone

The pinecone is an ancient symbol, representing enlightenment and also thought to indicate hope. Aside from its deeper meaning the pinecone is also a wonder of nature. It’s the seed from which new pine trees will grow. They may look innocuous lying strewn across the ground, but they could fill the forests of the future. The attractive looking pinecones can be great for craft projects too if you’re a creative type. Just make sure you get rid of any woodland creatures that might be hiding in the cone before you use it. You can pile pinecones in a clear jar for an effective and striking display or get happy with the spray paint and add some sparkle and shine.

The North Star Express

You know it’s Christmas when the festive train arrives full of wonder and good cheer. There’s a real-life steam locomotive that may have provided the inspiration for the Christmas Express. The Pere Marquette 1225 operated as a passenger train in the 1990s providing Christmas excursions, it was a large and heavy steam loco that was brought to the attention of a Hollywood film crew. The 1225 was due to be scrapped once upon a time (steam locomotives aren’t known for their efficiency); however, a local college trustee was looking for a good example of a steam train as an exhibit for a display. They came upon the 1225 and it was saved from the scrapyard one cold Christmas Eve.

The March of The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a renowned ballet by Tchaikovsky and is much loved by many. The March of the Nutcracker is one of the most identifiable melodies from the ballet and it’s sometimes known as The Nutcracker March or simply March. The song is the third tune of the performance, the piece has an uplifting feel to it and is featured during a dynamic party scene.

Away in A Manger – The Mini Nativity

There’s something magical about the beauty and meaning of the very first nativity. In many Christian households it’s traditional to have a mini nativity scene complete with figures of the main characters. You tend to find Mary and Joseph along with shepherds and their sheep, an angel, and three wise men. There’s also an assortment of animals present, all crowded into the barn to welcome the new king. The nativity scene was thought to be made popular by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223. He asked Pope Honorious III if he could erect a live manger, in a bid to show the nativity scene to everyone, regardless of their culture or spoken language.

Setting the Scene This Christmas

You can make your home as festive as you want to be for the Christmas celebrations. Whether you love sparkle and glitter or prefer a rustic approach you can add little touches to your home to make it look its best for the festive season. Tradition can meet modern quite happily and it’s nice to hear a story behind some of the decorations you choose to adorn your home. If you’re a fan of attractive festive figurines then you’ve come to the right place as the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek range is a real treasure trove.

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