Film Review: Vacation

Home Life / Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Last night we decided to watch the spin off from one of the best loved 80’s comedy films staring Chevy Chase, Vacation.

Ed Helms plays Rusty, Chevy’s now son, married to that stalwart comedy trouper Christina Applegate, and he’s planning to replicate his dad’s infamous car journey to a distant theme park with his two feisty boys.

Sunday night comedies are for me the best, after an exhausting weekend it is good to relax and watch a good film.

Chevy Chase makes a guest appearance at the end of the film to the delight of many older people watching I guess.

There are a great number of laughs during the film and therefore I fully recommend it for viewing. It is definitely one of the best comedy films I have seen this year. The funniest part of the film for me, as most females will agree is the scenes where Chris Hemsworth has a funny walk-on as Rusty’s super-successful brother-in-law. There are some scenes which are a little bit far fetched but overall this is a great film. Not as good as the We’re the Millers film but definitely on a similar level. Enjoy.



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