Christmas Family Fun: Get a Message from Santa Claus

Advice, Family Life / Monday, December 11th, 2017

We are always looking at fun things to do during the holiday period and this week we have done some great things. Each day in December we try to do something different with the children.

Here is what we have completed so far:

December 1st: Decorated the Christmas Tree

December 2nd: Created the Nativity Scene

December 3rd: Watched The Christmas Carol

December 4th: Sent Christmas Cards to Family

December 5th: Homemade Cocoa

December 6th: Made Marshmallowsmarsh

December 7th: Celebrate Christmas Past. We looked at old pictures and videos of our previous times.

December 8th: Visit Family.

The highlight of December for me so far was looking at previous Christmas times, this brought many emotions and makes me realize the importance of this time with friends and family.

So whilst looking for things to do with the children we came across the fantastic service from The idea is that the website allows you to purchase a 100% personalised video message in which Santa addresses your child directly. The only thing we need to do is tell them the name, age and add any photos we want to include on the video.

Our children are still young enough to believe in Santa and we so thrilled that this service is possible.

We never had this service when we were children. We can’t wait for the faces on the children when they both get a personalised message on video. After all, it is more realistic on video than face-to-face.  This is great souvenir, let’s see if we can use the same video again next year 🙂 Order your personalised video from Santa directly online now and get it at the perfect time for your children.

 Personalised Letters.

ElfiSanta also offer free personalised letters which is great and we will also be taking advantage of. This can be completed from anywhere in the world which is always nice. We plan on doing our santa letters this weekend.

The importance of Christmas

We  always want to instill in our children that Christmas is not just about the presents they receive or the new clothes they have. We want them to learn that Christmas is about the time spent with close family and friends and the appreciation of this.

We have so many plans and activities to complete this December I am so looking forward it.  I would love to hear any activities which we should compete with our family.

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