Exploring The Amazing India

Advice / Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

India, home to more than a billion people, is a land of diverse cultures, showcasing a vast variety of landscapes, people, flora and fauna. Stretching from the frozen peaks of the Himalayas to God’s Own Country, the beautiful state of Kerala, India offers a lot to tourists from all across the world. Thinking of exploring this beautiful nation? If yes, the best place is start is Mumbai, the financial, commercial and entertainment capital, and Delhi, the political capital of this Asian economic power, says an expert at Cruxton Travel, provider of cheap business class flights to Mumbai & Delhi.

Visiting Mumbai and Delhi

Mumbai and Delhi are two metropolitan cities that home to people from all corners of not just India but the world. Providing employment to millions, the two cities are thronged by visitors all year round. While Mumbai is the financial hub of all banking and financial activity in the nation, and thus frequently visited by businessmen and professionals from across the globe, Delhi is the place where all political power is centered. Mumbai is also thronged by people who love Indian cinema and theatre, and wish to get acquainted with the industry and its participants.

Lotus Temple, Delhi

People planning to visit these two cities can get cheap business class flight tickets to Mumbai & Delhi, easing their journey. There also are excellent options for hotels in Mumbai & Delhi for a memorable stay in the country, which can be booked online.

So whether you are planning to visit India for a business trip or looking to explore the diversity and beautiful culture of India, Cruxton.com can help you book your flight tickets well in time on the airline of your choice besides recommending you good hotels in Mumbai and Delhi.

Advantage of Timely Booking of Flights and Hotels

Booking tickets well in advance ensures that you can plan your schedule and meetings in such a manner that you also get time to explore the country. Using the services of an established travel services provider also means that you are sure about the quality of hotels being booked and the services being provided by them. The top class hotels in cities like Mumbai and Delhi offer world class services that ensure comfort and the best of modern amenities.

One can also opt to book hotels in locations that allow easy access to some of the best tourist destinations in these cities.

Mumbai and Delhi are both well connected to the rest of the country via air, road and rail. So, anyone wishing to explore the majestic mountains in the north, the blue sea in the south and northern plains can make their base in any of the two cities and proceed further. Timely booking of your flight tickets and hotel rooms can ensure that your India trip turns out to be a wonderful and unique experience. Once you land in this beautiful country, you will soon get acquainted with warm Indian hospitality and get a chance to visit the various historical places and museums, besides getting to view the excellent performances of various Indian artists.

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