Enhancing Midlife Fertility Through Acupuncture/TCM

Advice / Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Dr. Lorne Brown

Welcome to the next Forum of the Summer Series at our new A Child After 40 online community: Enhancing Midlife Fertility With Acupuncture & TCM.

JOIN US from 19th–21st July and meet Dr. Lorne Brown, B.Sc, CA, Dr. TCM, FABORM, who is the founder and clinical director of Acubalance Wellness Centre, a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic dedicated to reproductive health and fertility.

Dr. Brown is a Fellow of the American Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) and a Member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

According to Dr. Brown, “Age is one of many factors that can influence your fertility”.

“You cannot change your age”, he adds, “but you can change other lifestyle factors that can positively influence your fertility”.

Dr. Brown indicates that his fertility clinic has seen an increasing number of women over 40 in the last 5 years.

“Many come after they’ve exhausted IVF and are not interested in donor eggs.”

“We’ve seen women who’ve had unsuccessful or canceled cycles go on to have a successful IVF and live birth”, he continues.

“We’ve also seen some women who have had one or more IVF cycles cancelled, go on to conceive naturally.”

His attitude towards his 40+ aged women patients seeking to conceive is a combination of down-to-earth realism and consistently upbeat encouragement.

He emphasizes that the Chinese medicine approach is not just about helping women conceive, but about “optimizing their fertility potential to maximize the health blueprint” they pass on to their children.

The key areas where TCM and acupuncture aid fertility are through increasing blood flow to the ovaries and uterine lining (which reduce with age), regulating hormones, and reducing the adverse effects of stress.

Due to these factors, TCM and acupuncture are not only beneficial in enhancing natural fertility, but can also play a valuable role in an integrated approach to fertility via assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

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