Dreaming of Spring: Redesigning Our Garden

Home Life / Monday, December 11th, 2017

The winter season is well and truly here, with the weather reports advising us to stay indoors and that snow is on the way. We love winter, up until March that is and then we are ready to go out, explore and do the things we love outdoors.

Having spent the past several years completing our place and making the house complete we know have the time and finances to look at redesigning our garden. Whilst this might seem a long way off, we are looking / dreaming now so that when the time comes we are ready to proceed. We don’t have a huge garden but it is big enough for us to make us want a change.


Different Style of Gardens.

Coming from a place where we din’t have a garden, I am only getting used to the idea that there are many different ways that we can have our garden. With this we have narrowed down our options for the garden:


This is definitely my husbands first choice, and to be fair this will probably go well with our house. From research contemporary gardens can be as simple and as modern as you want it to be. With this we don’t have to go overboard on the lighting or structure but just enough to make it unique. I do like the idea of an area designated to my favourite Sunflowers and having some great LED lighting along the pathways.

Another must for our garden is a space for an inbuilt BBQ area, this is something we try to do every few weeks in the summer.


English Type

This would be my ideal style for the redesign and since we live in the countryside this could be a great option. The idea of brick and benches with an authentic feel is exciting. Whilst we don’t have space for a pond I think we could fit some interesting features in here.  This could be the most straightforward design to make but it could also look too simple if we don’t design it correctly.

Colonial Design


Our last option on the list is the colonial designed garden which would also be a great fit for our house type. Whilst it wouldn’t have modern features but would incorporate a place for me to grow my vegetables. This is also a simple design and could be something we can do in the future. This garden types are also good for land which is raised or declines and is in sections. As long as we have a BBQ area and seating area I would be happy for this choice.

We love designing and creating and will look to get something into action probably after the new year.

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