Do Fashion Disasters Exist?

Mom Life / Thursday, September 30th, 2021

The world of fashion is a controversial as the world of best online casino games. The reason being that many people have different views on the matter. In online casino games there are some games that people term to be disasters and the same is true for the world of fashion there are some outfits that people will claim to be horrible. But are they truly horrible or is just a difference in the preference of different parties?

Fashion Disasters: What Are They?

In order for something to be called a fashion disaster it needs to be horrible in the eyes of the people who are around you. That is why we have the fashion critics. They are the police fashion who try and make sure that everyone is dressed according to a proper standard that was set by them. Does this then mean that what the fashion critics do not approve is a fashion disaster or it is just difference in opinion?

Fashion Disaster or Difference in Opinion?

Fashion disasters are called disasters by different slot machines players in the market. However, can we truly say that they are fashion disasters or they are just a difference in opinion? To the person who is dressed we are sure that they would think that picked out a killer outfit which is why they chose to wear it from the beginning. Then can we say that they are looking bad or they are simply looking bad in your eyes? As the saying goes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, can we therefore justify the statement that fashion sense is also in the eyes of the wearer as well?


To wrap it up, we believe that it would be unfair for us to call them fashion disasters, we simply believe that the matter is subjective. This is despite the fact that the whole world thinks that it is horrible. If the person who is wearing it then who are we to judge them?

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