Disney – A Powerhouse Brand

Family Life / Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

It’s been ninety years since Walt Disney put pen to paper and sketched his very first character, the beloved (and now rather old), Mickey Mouse. Disney continues to delight people of all ages, from those who are mature enough to recall those early days when silent characters flitted around the small screen to the youngsters of today who are treated to modern plotlines. It’s no longer all about damsel in distress and square-jawed heroes riding powerful horses. Disney is certainly a powerhouse of a brand, some would say it is the most powerful brand on the planet, and it has a reputation to match. So, what do we know about Disney?

Where It All Began

Once upon a time Walt Disney set up an animation studio known as Laugh-O-Gram (which specialised in telling updated stories that were based upon the classic Aesop Fables). Unfortunately, it went bankrupt (that’s a rather un-Disney like unhappy ending if ever we heard one)! Luckily for us Disney persevered and opened a new cartoon studio in 1923. Since then the Walt Disney company has gone from strength to strength. There are Walt Disney parks and resorts, Walt Disney studios and media networks, and you can buy numerous Disney products (enjoyed by adults and children alike).

Walt Disney Studios include Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm and The Muppets Studio.

Disney Today

Disney has its finger in a lot of pies! The biggest slice is the company’s media network which includes Lifetime, ESPN, History and The Disney Channel to name but a few. Studio wise the Disney studios are renowned as being top-notch and we have seen some fabulous movies and shows fly out. Disney movies are instantly recognisable and loved by people of all ages, so it’s fitting that Disney has received more Academy Awards and nominations than anyone else. He has been nominated more than 50 times and has won 22 awards, now that’s what we call impressive (and very well-deserved).

Walt Disney Studios include Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm and The Muppets Studio (who doesn’t have a fondness for the green frog and his out-going piggy friend)?

There are also the highly acclaimed theme parks, which are visited and enjoyed by millions of people each year. With parades, rides, shows and much-loved characters mingling with the public it’s no wonder that the place remains eternally popular. Alongside the resort parks Disney also know how to do travel, and now offer cruises. US travellers in particular enjoy cruising with Disney and the company has received plentiful praise about the service provided.

Disney Merchandise

Disney merchandise continues to sell remarkably well across the globe. That’s no surprise, there are so many Disney fans around the world, the characters and stories are instantly recognisable and merchandise is highly collectible. Perhaps being surrounded by Disney memorabilia transports us to a better place. Let’s face it the world we live in can be cold and cruel at times. Disney may have its dramatic moments and fair share of baddies but in the end good always seem to triumph over evil, and everyone seems to come out a little bit stronger and wiser. If only real life could be like that!

You can buy all sorts of Disney merchandise, from soft toys to dressing up outfits, books and musical scores to bright and beautiful figurines. If you fancy starting your own Disney themed collection check out Miss Mindy gifts by Enesco. Eye-catching figurines depicting some of your favourite Disney characters including the curious Alice from Alice in Wonderland, the excitable (and rather vicious) Queen of Hearts, and the slightly loopy Cheshire Cat. You will also find a number or plucky princesses (including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Belle from Beauty and the Beast), and a few of the less savoury characters that are synonymous with Disney, such as the Evil Queen and Maleficent. If modern day Disney is more your bag look out for the figurines of Jack and Sally from the wonderful Nightmare before Christmas, there’s also a rather voluptuous Jessica Rabbit figurine.

Will the Love Affair with Disney Ever End?

We can’t see Disney ever fizzling out, as a brand it’s huge and there seems to be no end in sight for this veteran company. Modern tech buzzes along and with it kids are more interested in gaming and gadgets, it’s hard to see where Disney fits sometimes, but we have a sneaking suspicion there will always be room for a bit of Disney magic in everyone’s life.

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