Best Large Handbags for Women

Mom Life / Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

“With only one bag, you can change your outfit completely”, as Sonya Rykiel once said, underlining the effect of a carefully picked accessory over the outfit. And for some time now, bags have over-topped their practical purpose, becoming a fashion item that can make a statement on its own.

The larger, the better seems to be a saying in the fashion industry, related to large bags evolution over the years, providing more personal space and privacy to the picky customers, customized services for a personal touch, versatile and feminine designs.

Luxury brands compete to offer large bags that hold the essence of their brand, while fast fashion abounds in a myriad of shapes, colours and materials. Nevertheless, there are some already “established” large handbags models that have become a must for the fashionistas, due to an ageless design, high-quality materials and well-known logos.

The Neverfull Damier Ebene handbag is one of Vuitton’s best sellers. It is very spacious and has two side laces – joined, they transform the large bag into a lovely city one. It has an inside pocket and a very useful inside clutch that can be removed and carried on its own. The golden metallic pieces look elegant on the famous Ebene canvas. The finishes are outstanding and provide a compact look. It’s also a very lightweight bag, easy to wear.

Burberry’s Giant Reversible tote made of multi-coloured cotton-canvas bears the “House check” pattern. The green and light-pink calf leather on the main exterior part makes it memorable, and its value doubles as you can wear it on the blue reverse. Some designers have called on some interesting materials in crafting their large bags.

Balenciaga’s Intarsia shoulder bag is made of black plush shearling with a big white logo catching the eye. With its 18cm of depth, you can crowd it with basically everything you need.

Dagne Dover’s most famous large bag proposal is made of grained leather (they have 3 colours from which you can choose from): the Charlie Leather Tote. Talking about spacious bags, this one has fitted pockets for every item you may think of (laptop, pens, tablet, phone, keys, etc.), a hard-set of carry handles, and exterior pockets. It distinctively delivers feasibility and versatility with the use of high standards materials.

The “F” stands from Fendi and their Fabric Ff Shopping Tote Bag in Brown Leather is a very appealing and elegant version of a large handbag. Featuring an open top and flat shoulder straps, this tote with leather trim will keep up with your lifestyle on any occasion you may think of. It has a bold double F brown patch indicating the Italian prestigious craftsmanship and emanates a timeless distinction.

Marc Jacob’s Oversized Tag Tote is an ultra-modern and chic choice with double-handle and two sets of straps. The colour palette is very youngish and the leather branded price tag is a hip touch.

Overall, large bags nowadays come in a variety of models, price ranges and features, it’s up to you to use your trained eye and choose the right one for you. But some brands really know their doing and understand our needs, so why not take advantage and choose from the best large handbags of the industry.

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