The ABC’s of Travelling with Children to Dallas

Family Life, Travel / Thursday, December 28th, 2017

When going on out-of-state trips to Dallas, traveling with children can be successful and stress-free with a few items strategically planned. Whether you’re traveling to Dallas to see family, to vacation, or to combine business with pleasure, there’s a lot to see and do, and you can make the most of it with your family by considering some key logistics before you depart from home.

1. Weigh the Advantages of Flying and Driving

Flying and driving are two primary methods of visiting Dallas from other areas in the country. For parents who are traveling with children, it can often be a difficult decision to determine which is the best method for travel. Consider these following things to help you make your decision.

  • How long will it take to get to Dallas on a one-way car trip?
  • Considering my kids’ ages, how well do they do on long vehicle trips?
  • Are any of my kids so afraid of flying that it could make the flight uncomfortable and stressful for the entire family?
  • Will the benefits of saving money on a car trip outweigh getting there quicker by flying?
  • If we fly, will we have long layovers that may make it difficult for children?

One more option to consider is combining both flying and driving to reduce stress. Your family could fly to Dallas and then return home by renting a vehicle. This would allow for a quicker trip to your destination and would also give you an opportunity to sightsee with your family on a car trip home.

It is also suggested you talk to your family and get your kids’ weigh-in on their thoughts. Sometimes, children have a fear of flying and their parents don’t know about it until they reach the airport. Other times, kids look forward to either car trips or plane trips with great excitement.

Talking these things out ahead of time will help you to gain insight from your family and plan a trip that will be as comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

2. Avoid Over-Packing

Experts recommend trying to avoid over-packing. It is common for parents to anticipate every need and to pack too many items in the process. If your child loves to read during car trips, consider taking one or two favorite books and a notepad to draw on as opposed to packing multiple entertainment items. Be sure to take one change of clothing for every person for each day you’ll be gone. During car rides and plane trips, people rarely get very dirty so items like jeans or hoodies may be re-worn again on the trip.

Avoiding over-packing will reduce stress by keeping your departure from hotels and hauling luggage as simple as possible. It also frees up more space in a vehicle which can help to make everyone more comfortable during lengthy car trips.

3. Create a Strategy for Emergencies

Creating a strategy to handle the unpredictable is important to ensure a successful trip. Planning emergencies helps you to be prepared for any situation and ensures your family’s needs are met during the trip to Dallas. If you lose your debit or credit card, try to avoid actions like seeking title loans in Dallas to cover your trip funds.

Instead, consider using traveler’s checks or a prepaid Visa card during your travels. This way, you can save important items like debit and credit cards for emergencies. Using prepaid cards often help you to stay on budget and avoid over-spending as well.

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