8 Tips for Throwing a Great Baby Shower

Family Life, Mom Life / Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Nothing makes a pregnancy finally feel real quite like a baby shower. Baby showers are a time-honored tradition and the perfect way for friends and family to have fun and celebrate together. But for most people, trying to organize a successful party can feel more a little less fun and a little more anxiety-inducing. Which is why we’re here to help! We’ve put together 8 of our favorite tips to make throwing a fantastic baby shower a piece of cake.

Include the Guest of Honor

While surprise parties can certainly be fun, the best baby showers always include the mom-to-be in the planning process. Consulting with the guest of honor makes party planning convenient and easy and ensures that all of her important friends and family are invited. Planning the party together also removes the anxiety or coordinating and keeping secret details and events, letting everyone focus on putting together an outstanding event and having a good time.

Pick A Date and Plan Ahead

Plan to host a baby shower sometime after the 2nd trimester but at least a month before the due date. This window is usually the best time in pregnancy for mothers to start feeling well again while still leaving plenty of time for any unexpected circumstances. Be sure to send out shower invitations at least three weeks early as well, so guests have plenty of time to RSVP. An early headcount will make the rest of your party planning much easier!

Put Together A Loose Outline

Even the most casual or low-key baby shower should have at least a loose plan in place. Organizing a theme and a few activities for your party are a fun way to tie everything together, get people talking, and make sure everyone stays active and has a good time. If you’re worried about the event feeling too structured, just keep a few backup activities on hand to help get things going or keep everyone engaged and excited as needed.

Don’t Forget The Guest Book

A baby shower is an important life event for both a mother and her soon to be child. Guest books can record who was in attendance, provide a space for encouragement or advice, hold meaningful cards and photos and will become one of the first records of the new baby’s life. Books can be part of a larger memory book or stand-alone, but either way, a guest book creates a tangible keepsake and lasting memories for the entire family long after the event is over.

A baby shower is an important life event for both a mother and her soon to be child.

Encourage Unusual Activities

As exciting as guessing the flavor of baby food or drinking out of a sippy cup might be, don’t feel obligated to follow old or uncomfortable baby shower guidelines. A baby shower is the perfect opportunity for mom to do something fun or try something new before the baby comes. Even just changing the scenery can be a lot of fun. Baby showers can easily be hosted at a park, a restaurant, a spa, or almost anywhere else you’d like.

Serve Foods With Substance

Food is an essential part of any party, and a fantastic way to celebrate together. Be sure to treat your guests to something filling in addition to any finger foods, desserts or snacks you might include. Good food makes every event better and doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Buffett style meals are easy to organize and let guests customize their own meals. Cakes, mocktails and other fun treats don’t have to be difficult either and can easily be made or ordered ahead of time.

Record Presents and Gifts

Assigning a gift caretaker beforehand will relieve a lot of stress. A caretaker can receive presents from guests as they arrive, make sure opened gifts are kept safe and together, record who each item is from, and even arrange fun gift opening games for guests. Alternatively, don’t feel like you have to open presents at all. If gift opening would take too much time or be uncomfortable for any reason, they can always be opened later privately or with just family or close friends.

Relax, Enjoy and Have Fun

Most importantly, make sure you and the mother-to-be have fun! When planning or hosting a party, it’s easy to let little things stress you out. Try to keep what’s important in perspective and remember that you are here to celebrate together. Something will inevitably go wrong or not turn out how you planned. It’s alright! Do your best to be prepared and don’t be afraid to improvise. As long as everyone is having a good time than it doesn’t matter what the little details are.

A fun and well-planned baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate a new addition. While a successful party does take a little preparation, it doesn’t have to be stressful or unmanageable. With these easy tips and a determination, you’re sure to organize an outstanding party everyone will enjoy.

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