Regular Meditation Helps Increase Concentration

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Did you know that human attention span has decreased to less than that of a goldfish? Well, it doesn’t feel nice to know that even a goldfish can hold a thought longer than a human being! An article in The Telegraph blamed smartphones for this. The article stated that from 12 seconds in 2000, the […]

July 31, 2017

An Ultimate Guide to Buy Replica OR Authentic Bags

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You may not get the original mark and stamps, but a good replica will have all high quality materials and features that a designer bag can offer. And, if you choose right, the replica will mimic the original so closely that only an expert will be able to tell them apart. Don’t mistake a replica […]

July 26, 2017

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

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Health is the functional and metabolic efficiency of a person. In humans, it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental, psychological and social changes with environment. The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health in its broader sense in its 1948 constitution as “a state of complete physical, […]

July 19, 2017