The 10 Best Family Eco-Lodges In The World

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Here are some of the Best Eco-Lodges in the world you should try to visit on your next adventure travel:

South Africa: Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve

There is an 18K acre century old bastion of floral beauty, this preserve boasts amazing zoological samples like Cape Mountain Zebras, and Archaeological wonders like the Bushman Wall Art. Created in the early 90’s by independent conversationalists, Bushmans Kloof Has been painstakingly returned to its natural state with alien flora and fauna removed and indigenous species returned to the area. Not just a natural wonder, Bushmans Kloof offers premium Hotel accommodations, two luxurious suites, and the original homestead has been converted into the gorgeous Koro Lodge. And of course to compliment the healing properties of nature, their spa is full service with a menu as peaceful as their three dining venues are picturesque.

 India: Paradise of Kerala Houseboats

If your more interested in life on the water. a Kettuvalam can have you flowing through the waters of Kerala while you make stops to see both nature and traditional villages. These floating eco-lodges carry you the same way they have carried everything from newspapers and milk to lumber. You can be floating in a Kettuvalam that has been crafted by local craftsman of local materials, guided by locals, to see the local living history. Even the chef in the full kitchen accommodations on-board is a local so you can sample authentic cuisine. Elegant furnished Kettuvalams sport a spacious three rooms, sundeck, private balcony, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with showers, flushing toilets, and tile flooring. And if the rains make the 1.5K of waterway unappealing you can always opt for a wonder full tree house.

 Indonesia: Misool Eco Resort

As long as we are on the water we should mention Raja Ampat archipelago’s Eco-wonder, Misool. Truly eco-friendly, these 13 bungalows, handcrafted from reclaimed tropical hardwood, grant you front door access to the glorious bio-diversity of teaming ocean-life. This tropical hideaway is private resort in the uninhabited islands of a Shark and Manta sanctuary that exists, impart, to the efforts of the resort. Misool Eco Resort can house no more than 32 guests adding to its exclusivity and diminishing it’s ecological impact. Bungalows include open-air bathrooms, air conditioning, showers, minibars, safes, and handcrafted furniture. If you are looking to get wet, jump in, dive the reefs or snorkel overhead just steps from your private balcony framed in traditional grass roof.

 Peru: Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica

From the ocean to the forest, water holds the secrete to life. No place shows this more than the mysterious Amazon, where the world’s deepest jungles touch the worlds widest river. Offering both a secluded tree house and wood-and-thatch cabanas on the Madre de Dios river, the Inkaterra Amazon Reserve has housed scientific research for two decades. Placing you in the Amazonian rain-forest you can be free to immerse yourself in the Aquajales swamp on the Anaconda Trail, explore the canopy on a suspended walkway or hideaway in your room and enjoy the magical natural sounds of the Amazon.

Greece: Milia Mountain Retreat

Traveling higher above sea level, we next look to the mountains of Crete. When most Greeks were headed to the coast in the 1980s when tourism was booming along the coast two men, instead decided the mountains of Crete were there best bet instead. They decided to restore a long deserted medieval era village and create a beautiful self-sustaining retreat that allows people to live in conjunction with nature while disrupting it as little as possible. Adventurers from all walks of life come to explore the primitive mountain pathways, rest in picturesque cottages, and relish in authentic Cretan delicacies.

 Australia: Great Ocean Ecolodge

Conservation Ecology Center in Victoria is home to the Great Ocean Ecolodge. Great Otway National Park is also one of its borders and protects huge eucalyptus forest, majestic waterfalls, and beautiful cliffs that fall into tossing oceans. The Great Ocean Ecolodge has five fabulous rooms that watch over lush grass covered fields where you can watch playful kangaroos feed. You can find sleepy koalas milling about and feeding high up in the trees, experience caring for abandoned or hurt wildlife, or you could spend time exploring the Great Ocean Walk that stretches 64 miles with supplies given to you by wonderful lodge staff.

Fiji: Turtle Island Eco-lodge

Turtle Island Eco-lodge of Fijiis one of the world’s best ecolodge. There is a staff of nearly one hundred fifty for a maximum of only fourteen couples. The island is only takes up a space of five hundred acres. There are natural springs that serve as the organic gardens’ water source. There are fantastic coral reefs you can explore and black volcanic cliffs for you to hike.

 Nicaragua: Jicaro Island Ecolodge

The oldest colonial city in Central America seated on a tiny islet on Lake Nicaragua is Jicarao Island Ecolodge which is only a short ride on a boat from Granada. There are nine tiny houses “casitas” that were created from salvaged wood that were dropped by a hurrican that hit Nicaragua in 2007. The casitas pander to couples that are on a romantic getaway, so much so that kids under twelve are not permitted. The privacy, intimate dinners, and the beautiful cafes located on cobblestone streets allow twosomes to truly enjoy their time together. Kayaking and hiking are two of the favorite activities for guests to participate in.

 Poland: Eco-Frontiers Ranch

Anyone who has entertained the thought of living a sustainable lifestyle and living from the land or has even wanted to experience a bit of this lifestyle as a traveler should visit Eco-Frontiers Ranch of Poland. In the Carpathian Mountains in Poland between Slovakia and Ukraine holds beautiful rooms that can contain up to seven guests. Wonderful wilderness where beautiful wildlife, such as, wolves, bears, and lynx still wander freely.

 Namibia: Damaraland Camp

Damaraland Camp has a staff that loves to establish joyful experiences for their guests by providing mountaintop sunrise breakfasts to dinners that stargazers can delight in, in the desert. Conservation programs have been the successful in Namibia and have aided in increasing elephant and black rhino population numbers.

So next time you plan to go on vacation, be sure to add this 10 Best Eco Lodges In the World in your itinerary.

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